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A quick look back at the biggest solar news stories that have grabbed our attention over these past seven days.

Solar Frontier soars to profitability

Solar Frontier

The Japanese thin-film module manufacturer helped its corporate unit reach profitability for the first time ever ast year due to increased business in the growing domestic market.

British academics receive €2.4 million grant for PV cell research

CdTe thin film PV cell.

A consortium of scientists led by Bristol University will use the funds to develop new active materials for PV cells using low-cost and abundant natural elements.

SMA and E.ON develop world's first modular large-scale battery

The M5BAT at SMA.

The 5 MW M5BAT storage system is located in Aachen, Germany, and has been backed by a €6.5 million grant from the German government's Energy Storage Funding Initiative.

Future sunny for Roth & Rau

Roth & Rau headquarters

The solar engineering company is seeing signs of recovery in the PV market as it focuses on the development of high-tech production equipment.

Avancis achieves new certification record for thin-film module

Avancis CIS record

With a record 16.6% efficiency, Avancis again leads the international efficiency ranking of encapsulated CIS thin-film modules.

JA Solar modules pass 'extreme environmnent' tests

JA Solar module inspection

The China Quality Certification Center has designed new testing methods to fairly evaluate the performance of the solar modules in extreme environments, according to the company.

Paper solar cells: the future for PV?

Micro fibers in paper.

Team of Chinese and U.S. researchers develops highly efficient paper solar cell made from inexpensive wood fiber.

Saudi Arabia taps German knowhow

K.A.CARE's Mahar Alodan and Eicke R. Weber, director of Fraunhofer ISE

Germany's Fraunhofer ISE will work with Saudi Arabia's renewable and nuclear energy agency K.A.CARE on research and development in areas such as PV technology, energy storage and grid integration.

SolarWorld unveils record-setting test module

SolarWorld Innovations - inspection

TÜV Rheinland has confirmed a world record of 306 W for a 60-cell format module produced as part of a second-generation Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) technology research project.

Solar Frontier breaks CZTS cell efficiency record

Solar Frontier

Partnering with IBM and TOK, the Japanese CIS thin-film module maker has achieved a world-record of 12.6% cell efficiency in laboratory tests.

Fraunhofer ISE joins US SunShot Initiative

Fraunhofer ISE researcher.

The Germany-based research institute becomes one of only three non-American research partners on the SunShot program, which aims to lower the electricity generation costs of solar energy in the U.S.

Solexant rebrands as Siva Power, transitions to new manufacturing platform

CIGS technology.

The Californian solar company's new identity will focus on CIGS technology and a platform developed to deliver profitable, GW-level production capabilities.

German government launches €16 million organic PV R&D project

An organic solar PV cell.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) will sponsor the Merck-led project into achieving further breakthroughs in the development of organic photovoltaics (OPV).

Solar cells picking up good vibrations

Queen Mary University of London

Playing pop and rock music improves the performance of solar cells, according to new research from scientists at Queen Mary University of London and Imperial College London.

SunPower acquires panel-cleaning technology company Greenbotics

SunPower Corp solar panels in a desert location.

The acquisition of the robotic solar panel cleaning technology -- which reduces water usage and improves LCOE -- enhances SunPower's energy services portfolio.

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