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Crew aboard the International Space Station is testing new 3D solar cells

Astronaut Scott Parazynski of STS-120 conducting a spacewalk to repair a damaged solar panel at the ISS. Image courtesy of NASA.

The wordy NanoRacks-Earth Abundant Textured Thin Film Photovoltaics investigation is looking into a new design of 3D PV cell, which should, in theory, absorb sunlight more efficiently, while also investigating the effects that...

Sanyo 21.6 percent cell efficiency not independently verified, but company confident

Diagram of changes in Sanyo's new 21.6 percent efficient cell design

Last Friday, Sanyo announced that it had achieved the world’s highest cell conversion efficiency at 21.6 percent. However, responding to questions from pv magazine, the efficiency has not been independently verified and there are...

10. December 2010 | | Comment now

TÜV undertakes research project examining PV and fire risk


TÜV Rheinland has announced it is carrying out a three-year research project to examine the risk of fire with photovoltaics (PV) systems.

Survey reveals 80 percent of UK farms want rooftop PV, but confusion over FITs exists

Picture farm in France, where PV is installed on a barn roof

A recent survey has revealed that 80.6 percent of UK farmers are considering installing rooftop photovoltaics (PV) on their farm buildings by 2013. According to the findings, interest has been spurred by the country’s attractive...

Sanyo hits 21.6 percent cell conversion efficiency

Sanyo's new 19 percent efficient PV module

Sanyo Component Europe GmbH has achieved what it says is the world’s highest cell conversion efficiency at 21.6 percent.

03. December 2010 | | Comment now

NREL reports breakthrough in PV cell light harvesting yield

solar cell

A 35 percent increase in light harvesting yield in cells for photovoltaics and solar fuels could be achieved, following a breakthrough in the U.S.

TFPV growth slowdown expected

Beck Energy thin film PV ground mount installation in Germany

The fate of the different thin film photovoltaics (TFPV) technologies has diverged in the last year, according to a new report, which found that while many opportunities exist for the technologies to be developed, growth will be...

China Sunergy and Pythagoras Solar create BIPV partnership

Gonen Fink

China Sunergy Co., Ltd. and Pythagoras Solar have signed an agreement with the aim of capitalizing on the growing building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) market through the use of Pythagoras' transparent photovoltaic glass units...

National Solar Repository launched in Singapore

Screenshot of National Solar Repository of Singapore's website

Singapore's National Solar Repository (NSR) has been launched by the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS), in collaboration with Singapore Polytechnic, at the country's Solar Pioneer Awards ceremony held yesterday.

India: Rural regions get solar boost

School children in the rural village of Basettihalli, India

A Scottish-based charity is aiming to improve the lives of people living in rural locations in Southern India through the implementation of a number of clean energy projects, including solar.

Solar jobs to increase in US in 2011

PV park in the US

Following the first U.S. solar jobs census, it has been found that over half of all solar employers plan to expand their workforce in the next year.

OPV cell achieves record 8.3 percent efficiency

Konarka Power Plastic PV material

An organic-based photovoltaic (OPV) cell has been verified by the National Energy Renewable Laboratory (NREL) as having demonstrated a record-breaking 8.3 percent efficiency.

Strong quarter for solar inverter shipments, but slowdown expected

Inverter shipments 3Q 2010 graph from IMS Research

The third quarter of this year has seen solar inverter shipments grow almost 50 percent to reach 7.3 gigawatts (GWs), thus representing another record quarter (quarter two peaked at five GWs). It has been predicted, however, that...

Through the Suntech looking glass

The company’s global HQ, Wuxi, comprises the world’s largest solar facade

What future PV trends does the world’s largest producer of crystalline silicon solar panels anticipate? And just what exactly is the company’s almost 400-strong R&D team working on? During a two-day fact finding mission to China,...

Report finds “strong” reasons to support Ontario PV industry

Table showing annual increase to average residential electricity bills in Ontario with 6 GW PV 2010-2015

Photovoltaics (PV) creates 12 times more jobs than nuclear and 15 times more jobs than natural gas or coal per unit of energy produced in Ontario, according to a new report.

Sarasin: PV profitability down, but resilience evident

PV panels up close

Photovoltaics (PV) profitability has “significantly” decreased in the last few years, while rapid expansion has put pressure on feed-in tariffs (FITs). On a more positive note, however, the industry has displayed “incredible”...

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