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meeco expands Maldives PV project

Maamigili Airport, Maldives

The Swiss company is partnering with Villa Group on a PV project cluster that total of five PV installations throughout the island nation.

Micro-grid market to soar after 2015, says Frost & Sullivan

Micro-grid from Schneider.

Driven by growing renewable energy demand in numerous regions, the market for micro-grid installations will grow rapidly between 2015 and 2020.

California calls for large-scale energy storage

Opening session, Energy Storage trade fair, Düsseldorf.

The Energy Storage trade fair in Düsseldorf begins with a rousing call from California for more energy storage solutions.

NEC snaps up grid-scale battery business

Storage battery system.

The Japanese company has purchased A123 Energy Solutions from China's Wanxiang Group for a reported $100 million.

SMA and E.ON develop world's first modular large-scale battery

The M5BAT at SMA.

The 5 MW M5BAT storage system is located in Aachen, Germany, and has been backed by a €6.5 million grant from the German government's Energy Storage Funding Initiative.

Italian energy storage market set to explode

Storage battery

Energy storage could be a very attractive prospect for users of photovoltaic energy, particularly in markets where electricity retail costs are high.

Silicon Valley startup signs 1 MW of intelligent storage

Green Charge Networks energy storage

Green Charge Networks' intelligent energy storage solutions complement solar PV, electric vehicle charging and energy efficiency strategies.

Grid-connected storage market set to explode

Storage GE Durathon energy storage

The grid-connected energy storage market will increase from 340 MW in 2013 to more than 6 GW in 2017, according to IHS. The U.S. is set to lead the sector.

WFES 2014 to highlight smart metering

WFES 2013

The upcoming World Future Energy Summit will examine the policies and technologies needed to reduce energy consumption, with smart metering among this year's main showcases.

US Energy Department report examines storage

GE Energy storage

The U.S. Department of Energy report identifies the challenges facing the widespread use of storage solutions, including cost, safety and industry acceptance.

SolarCity storage solution guards against increasing US power outages

Solar battery.

The company's DemandLogic smart energy storage system has been designed to use stored energy during peak demand hours, while also providing backup during grid outages.

Toshiba to install and operate PV systems on German apartment buildings

German city of Villingen

The electronics giant plans to sell solar power to residents at lower prices than utilities. Toshiba will initially install 3 MW serving 750 apartments with the aim of increasing capacity to more than 100 MW by 2016.

Hitachi to introduce 1 MW storage system

Hitachi CrystEna concept graphic

The company is aiming to meet growing demand for energy storage and stabilization solutions as power grids face increasing challenges in coping with ever more renewable energy. Tests are to start in the U.S. early next year.

Germany's requirements for a stable, renewables grid

Delegates at the 14th Forum Solarpraxis in Berlin.

Attendees at the 14th Forum Solarpraxis in Berlin have called for the role of renewables installations in stabilizing the electricity grid to be recognized. Grid representatives acknowledge possibilities but lament the lack of a...

Storage: value in 'unloading grid'

storage, household battery system, Germany

The 8th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES) in Berlin has highlighted the potential of small battery solutions to increase stability and prevent surges of PV electricity.

Germany: SolarWorld drills further for lithium

The German state of Saxony has approved a request by SolarWorld to conduct six further test drillings into the lithium deposits in Zinnwald, a mountainous area near the Czech border.

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