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JA Solar shows continued growth in Q1 results

With a new factory in China and another one underway in Brazil, JA Solar is growing rapidly on the back of a booming Chinese market.

EU ProSun welcomes IHS study findings

EU ProSun President Milan Nitzschke

With its recently commissioned study, the Solar Alliance for Europe made the case that PV modules could be 20% cheaper in Europe without import tariffs. Industry lobby group EU ProSun, however, argues that the Alliance has drawn...

Solar funding is down as part of overall clean energy investment lull in Q1

BNEF finds that while weakness in solar stocks impacted the overall environment, investment in small- to mid-scale solar was up 4% year-over-year.

IHS examines 22% price gap between modules from China and global rivals

Trina Solar PV module production

PV module manufacturing costs in China remain considerably lower than other parts of the world. Efficiencies of production, product and material innovations and economies of scale continue to reduce costs, but what's behind...

Wacker opens US polysilicon production site in Tennessee

Wacker US plant, Charleston, Tennessee

At $2.5 billion, the new site is Wacker's largest single investment ever. The German chemcial giant is expecting muscular growth global PV capacity to spur demand for high-grade polysilicon.

Germany: Solarwatt acquires storage specialist e-Wolf

Solarwatt's headquarters in Dresden

The German battery technology start-up boasts the storage experts behind Formula 1 team Toyota Racing's kinetic energy recovery system (KERS). Solarwatt expects the acquisition to reduce storage system costs over the long run.

Rhone Resch to step down as SEIA CEO

The 12-year leader of the U.S. trade group has announced that he will leave the organization, four months after SEIA's historic ITC victory.

SunEdison reveals details from its debtor-in-possession talks

While many analysts and observers had been expecting a bankruptcy filing by the end of the week, the company has instead revealed details of its financial position from negotiations with creditors.

Solar Impulse 2 ready to resume its round-the-world mission

Solar Impulse 2 during a maintenance flight in Hawaii

The solar-powered aircraft is back in “mission mode” after a 9-month hiatus, with more motivation within the team to “demonstrate that modern clean technologies can achieve the impossible.”

SunEdison malaise result of Vivint wrongdoing and "overly optimistic" culture, finds audit

SunEdison worker.

Findings of investigation by audit committee and independent directors attribute blame for failed Vivint Solar acquisition on ex-employee; critical of SunEdison's optimistic financial reporting and uncontrolled cash forecasting...

As the battle for the UK's power supply rages, solar beats coal for a day

Abakus BYes Solar plant in Great Wilbraham in the UK

Solar panels in the UK generated more electricity than coal plants over the course of a full day for the first time ever, according to Carbon Brief data, highlighting the sharp decline of the country's coal industry.

Two-thirds of US solar installers do not offer storage, study finds

Sonnen, Tesla.

A study by EuPD Research shows just 34% of PV installers in the U.S. offer storage solutions to customers, with those reluctant to do so citing cost concerns. However, 26% that currently do not offer storage hope to include it in...

First Solar unveils two new PV module series

The company will move to a larger format with its Series 6. modules. The Series 6 will be 120 x 180 cm, with an expected output of over 400 watts.

Indian energy minister threatens to file 16 solar cases against US with WTO

Piyush Goyal.

Warning shot fired by Piyush Goyal is latest in tit for tat dispute between India and the U.S. over the former's domestic content requirements for solar. Comments draw ire from industry.

TerraForm Global acquires 26.4 MW solar farm in Uruguay

The 26.4 MW solar plant acquired by TerraForm Global is located in Uruguay's northern Artigas province.

Estranged yieldco of SunEdison finalizes $35.4 million deal for power plant built by Spain's Solarpack Corp. Tecnologica SL as it seeks to stand apart from its beleaguered parent company.

SolarCity closes on $188 million worth of tax equity financing

This is the second large fund that SolarCity has closed on in the past two days.

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