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Indian ministry rejected Ex-Im Bank dumping role

U.S. flag

India special report: The Indian Ministry of Commerce rejected a call for the state aid provided by the U.S. Export-Import Bank to American exporters to be used in the calculation of a fair price for U.S. solar goods.

Nine out of 10 Indian solar companies imported dumped goods

Only three of India's solar manufacturers failed to benefit from importing solar products dumped from the US, China, Taiwan and Malaysia, according to a ministry of commerce AD investigation.

India special report: Ministry of Commerce officials classed the original three anti dumping complainants as the only Indian solar companies not to have benefited from importing dumped goods from the U.S., China, Taiwan and...

Canadian Solar attempted to exclude its products from Indian anti-dumping probe

Canadian Solar rooftop installation, Windsor, NSW, Australia

India special report: The Chinese-Canadian company attempted to argue its panels should be excluded from the anti-dumping investigation because of differences between them and Indian-made products.

Egypt looking to boost renewable energy production

Cairo, Egypt

Finance Minister Hani Kadri Demian: "We are seriously working on adopting any project enabling Egypt to use renewable energy and achieve extreme savings in fuels."

Debate rages over thin film vs crystalline product definition

Opponents to the imposition of AD duties on U.S., Chinese, Taiwanese and Malaysian solar products in India say thin flim products should not have been included in the investigation.

India special report: One of the cornerstone arguments of opponents to the imposition of anti-dumping duties on Chinese, Taiwanese, U.S. and Malaysian products in India was that thin film should be excluded from the investigation.

First Solar sells Macho Springs solar project

First Solar PV installation

The 50 MW plant, the largest PV installation yet in New Mexico, is the third project First Solar has sold to Southern Power and Turner Renewable Energy.

Chinese producers offered Indian price agreement

India's new PM, Narendra Modi, could ignore his Ministry of Commerce's decision to apply AD duties to solar cells made in the U.S., China, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Five Chinese producers offered an EU-style minimum price commitment to try to ward off AD duties in India. The Indian authorities said such an arrangement would be 'impractical to monitor.'

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