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Kenya rescinds VAT on solar products

SolarAid light

While local PV manufacturers have blasted the move, others have welcomed the move as a step in the right direction in the country's increasing adoption of renewable energy.

India's anticipated import tariffs could dampen Modi's ambitious solar plans

Narendra Modi inaugurates solar park in Gujarat

Anti-dumping tariffs would range from $0.11 to $0.81 per watt on PV imports and double the price of solar energy to $0.20 a kilowatt hour, according to the Solar Power Developers' Association.

Chinese manufacturers likely to set up shop in Mexico

Mexico City

Looking at the possible impact of new U.S. import tariffs on PV modules from China, market research group TrendForce says Mexico could offer Chinese manufacturers a North American pipeline hub.

UK surpasses 3 GW mark in April

Lightsource solar farm, UK

Fueled by the rapid growth in ground-mounted solar PV farms, Europe's most dynamic solar market is poised to add the most solar capacity in Europe this year.

Cyprus to expand PV via net metering


The Mediterranean country is launching a second net metering program after a strong response to a similiar initiative last year. Despite broad support for renewable energy, the nation's limited grid remains a problem for future...

Buffett to double down on solar and wind investment

Warren Buffet and President Obama.

The U.S. tycoon revealed he is ready to pour another $15 billion into his Berkshire Hathaway Inc.'s renewable energy interests, taking expenditure to $30 billion.

Photon Holding claims activities not affected by preliminary insolvency proceedings

Photon International cover

A German court opened preliminary insolvency proceedings for the solar services and publishing group due to a tax obligation. Photon calls the move "unnecessary."

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