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SPI to develop 50 MW PV project in China

SPI installation

The California-based group is looking to expand operations in China's utility-scale PV sector, which it expects to soon be one of the largest in the world.

Photon Energy denounces Italy's proposed FIT cuts

Photon Energy CEO Georg Hotar

Company CEO Georg Hotar predicts Italy will have a high price to pay if it goes through with the plans, which he calls a "reckless attack on investors."

NextEra closes on IPO for yieldco

The Genesis solar CSP plant

This move makes NextEra the latest in a series of companies that have created yieldco ownership vehicles for solar plants and other energy assets.

SolarWorld calls for US probe of alleged Chinese spy attack

SolarWorld US headquarters, Hillsboro, Oregon

The company has requested that U.S. authorities investigate the effects of the alleged cyber-hacking and interception of thousands of its emails containing secret financial, production, R&D and trade litigation details.

Vanguard Space Technologies selects Ascent Solar PV modules

THINS-powered spacecraft, Vanguard Space Technologies

The California company says Ascent's CIGS cell technology, coupled with Vanguard's extreme environment thin film coatings and array design, provides an ideal solution for next generation, large-area space solar arrays.

Utility-scale solar meets 6.4% of California's electricity demand in June

The Ivanpah solar CSP plant

Bernard Chabot's latest analysis finds that solar PV and CSP are meeting an increasingly large share of California's electricity demand, even when rooftop PV is not counted.

REC partners with roofing specialists Sika and Centroplan

REC rooftop installation in Spain

By cooperating with specialists rooftop solar installations, REC says it can offer customers certainty as well as a 20-year guarantee and long-term peace of mind.

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