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Solar, wind could save the US $7 billion in fossil-fuel costs

Adding wind and solar power to the grid is more cost-effective than switching fossil-fueled power plants on and off to make up for the intermittent nature of renewable energy, says the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

US: SunShot's $1/W target for 2020 unlikely to be met

According to analysts at Lux Research, the SunShot program's target of "$1/W installed by 2020" set by the U.S. Department of Energy will probably not be met. Installation prices today are still two to four times the target.

SEIA unveils roadmap to U.S.-China dispute settlement

US China flags

The U.S. solar industry trade organization has been working behind the scenes with U.S. and Chinese government officials to draw up a plan to resolve the ongoing trade dispute and benefit both U.S. and Chinese manufacturers.

UAE solar association rebrands to reflect wider Middle East scope

The Emirates Solar Industry Association has been renamed as the Middle East Solar Industry Association (Mesia) in anticipation of expected growth in the region.

Missouri utility to sign PV power deal with Strata Solar

City Utilities is close to signing a contract to purchase electricity from a forthcoming 5 MW solar farm in eastern Greene County, Missouri, said to be the biggest in the state.

Germany's Vaillant Group set to make inroads in Kazakhstan

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Vaillant is eager to expand operations in Kazakhstan, where the company is expecting a 50% sales growth rate in the next four years. The group is confident its German-made products can compete with those of overseas rivals.

Utilities in several US states plan ways to make solar customers pay more

Homeowners with solar panels that feed into the grid are getting too good a deal, say some state utilities, with plans afoot to readdress the balance.

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