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19 May 2015 | Tobias Engelmeier | One comment

Why auctions for power projects don’t work in India

Director and founder of consultancy firm, Bridge to India, Tobias Engelmeier argues that power project auctions don’t work in India, and instead lead to irrational competition and unsustainable business models.

10 April 2015 | Rene Moerman | One comment

Bridging Asia and Europe: solar's decade-long journey

Founder of Dutch solar insurance provider Solar Insurance & Finance (Solarif), Rene Moerman has seen a lot in his nine years as the company’s chief strategy officer. Here he muses on a decade of lessons learned about solar’s leading markets from an insurance perspective.

01 April 2015 | Nigel Morris | Comment now

Australian solar mergers and acquisitions break records

The announcement that international solar company Solar Power Inc (SPI) will acquire an 80% stake in Australian solar wholesaler Solar Juice sets a fascinating new milestone for mergers and acquisitions in the solar space.

23 March 2015 | Jasmeet Khurana | One comment

The Indian solar market: Separating the action from the noise

Jasmeet Khurana of consultancy and research firm Bridge to India examines the fundamentals of India's solar capacity demand in view of the government's proposed 100 GW target.

18 February 2015 | Tobias Engelmeier | Comment now

Default over design: How India will really grow its solar industry

Can India achieve 100 GW of solar in five years? Technically: yes – if politicians are willing to put enough support behind it. Realistically: not likely – there is still no strategy in place for achieving this number. Does that matter? No.

05 February 2015 | Akhilesh Magal | Comment now

How Modi’s government created a win-win situation for domestic and foreign module manufacturers

Modi’s government is ensuring that foreign equipment suppliers and investors remain confident on the solar sector while at the same time domestic module manufacturers get their due share.

29 January 2015 | Teresa Haukkala | Comment now

Solar energy and Finland -- do they match?

Finland is not known best as a sunny place. Instead images of winter wonderland and Santa Claus probably come to mind. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, there are no polar bears walking on the streets, and the sun does indeed shine in Finland. Actually, during the summer, the sun doesn't set practically at all.

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