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04 June 2013 | Michael Barker, NPD Solarbuzz | Comment now

Speak (not so) softly and carry a big stick

NPD Solarbuzz's senior analyst Michael Barker talks about the recent developments in the ongoing trade case.

03 June 2013 | Robert Dydo, SolarPVInvestor | One comment

Limited exposure to Europe will warrant better returns for Chinese solar companies

Sometime on June 6th, European Commission Trade Minister Karel De Gucht will announce the decision regarding the establishment of temporary anti-dumping tariffs on solar modules entering the EU from China. Robert Dydo, CEO, SolarPVInvestor elaborates.

27 May 2013 | Michael Barker/Christopher Sunsong, NPD Solarbuzz | Comment now

India attempts to deflect domestic content showdown

Michael Barker and Christopher Sunsong from NPD Solarbuzz, tell pv magazine about India's new solar policies.

25 April 2013 | Yasser Gamil, Solarpraxis' MENA office | One comment

Why does everyone believe MENA is the next big solar market?

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) has shown little solar growth over the past few years; predictions are, the region will still only account for between 1 and 3% of global solar demand in the next 3. So why do so many believe MENA is the next big solar market? Where is all the fuss coming from, asks Yassir Gamil, managing director of Solarpraxis MENA. He also states his reasons for why anti-dumping trade cases are bad news for the industry.

12 April 2013 | Robert Dydo, SolarPVInvestor | Comment now

PV module deliveries suggest a more assertive solar industry in 2013; and a return to profit for some

While the last couple of years have been hard on the solar industry, photovoltaic module deliveries in the first two months of the year suggest a more assertive solar industry in 2013, writes SolarPVInvestor’s Robert Dydo. He further explores the presence of Chinese PV companies in the U.S. and Japan; discusses why Suntech is not a blueprint for all Chinese PV manufacturers; and looks at which companies could achieve profitability in 2013.

21 March 2013 | Michael Barker, NPD Solarbuzz | Comment now

PV: Europe holds the upside wildcard, but trade war impact should not be underestimated

Europe’s leading PV role is rapidly being fulfilled by Asia, writes NPD Solarbuzz senior analyst, Michael Barker. Despite this, there are opportunities for Europe to rebound strongly, if positive policy is developed. However, he cautions that the impact of the trade wars cannot be underestimated.

12 March 2013 | Robert Dydo, SolarPVInvestor | Comment now

Global PV module deliveries from China grew 42% in January

China’s domestic market is not the only photovoltaic area expected to boom in 2013. Based on monthly analysis from the Solarzoom Data Research Centre, January saw global photovoltaic module deliveries increase by 42% over December.

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