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22 October 2013 | Akhilesh Magal | Comment now

Waiting for the sun

Challenges in India's private PPA market

21 October 2013 | Rahul Walawalkar | One comment

India: 20 GW of energy storage by 2020

Rahul Walawalkar, executive director of India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) and VP for Pennsylvania-based consultants Customized Energy Solutions, explains why India will have a 15-20 GW storage market by 2020.

17 October 2013 | Jasmeet Khurana | Comment now

Fog receding: the Indian solar picture becomes clearer

Jasmeet Khurana, head of market intelligence at Bridge to India, outlines how India's National Solar Mission has slowly overcome its roadblocks and begun making a real impact on the nation's solar landscape.

10 September 2013 | Bhupesh Trivedi | Comment now

India's current account deficit likely to derail national solar mission

The rising current account deficit (CAD) of India is likely to derail the country’s ambitious National Solar Mission.

30 July 2013 | Matt Feinstein, analyst, Lux Research | One comment

Storage and solar's missing links

The energy storage market has had its fair share of troubles, as has the solar market but the combination of the two technologies remains a fairly murky area.

26 June 2013 | Cheryl Kaften | 2 comments

After six more months of strife, solar industry seeks negotiated solutions

As the first half of 2013 draws to a close, solar industry players still are squabbling about everything under the sun. However, fatigue is setting in: Tired of the finger pointing and the trade disputes, the principal combatants – the European Union, China, and the United States – have begun to dial down the hostilities. They are hoping to parley a more level playing field, arrive at acceptable price points and provide incentives that will spur demand.

04 June 2013 | Michael Barker, NPD Solarbuzz | Comment now

Speak (not so) softly and carry a big stick

NPD Solarbuzz's senior analyst Michael Barker talks about the recent developments in the ongoing trade case.

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