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29 January 2013 | Michael Barker, Analyst, NPD Solarbuzz | Comment now

PV industry to adapt for survival during 2013

With the close of 2012, one of the most difficult years for the PV industry has come to an end. The good news was that 2012 demand did not decline. However, the bad news was that the market did not grow to levels that would have largely corrected the industry’s supply/demand imbalance.

22 November 2012 | Ilko Iliev, Inea Consulting | Comment now

Ukrainian PV market on the verge of expansion

The maturing photovoltaic markets in Germany, Spain, France and Italy, and recent feed-in tariff cuts in a number of key markets have prompted solar investors to look for new opportunities in south east European (SEE) nations and Commonwealth Independent States (CIS). Ukraine is presenting one logical and very interesting investment alternative.

27 October 2010 | Paul Gipe, analyst | 2 comments

Federal Regulator blasts open door to differentiated feed-in tariffs in USA

FERC decision clears the way for multi-tiered state FiTs.

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