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31. October 2014 | By: Sunrun

Sunrun unveils certified program to further develop channel partner network

Partner Program improves experience and success of Sunrun partners

31. October 2014 | By: Win Win Precision Technology Co., Ltd.

WINAICO's WSP-M6 PERC module wins Taiwan Excellent PV Award for best PV module for safety, reliability and efficiency

WINAICO's high efficiency mono crystalline WSP-M6 PERC module, with patented HeatCap technology, has exceeded Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institutes' evaluations to win the Taiwan Excellent PV award given by the...

31. October 2014 | By: Region Solar

1 MW solar array in Monticello, Florida, powers American manufacturing

Region Solar has completed a 1.004 MW solar photovoltaic ground-mounted system at VizCo’s 26,000 sqft. manufacturing facility in Monticello, Florida.

30. October 2014 | By: Advantic Sistemas y Servicios S.L.

Advanticsys M2M monitoring solutions enhance Kliux Energies self-consumption installations

Kliux Energies has selected Advanticsys' remote monitoring technology to manage their renewable-energy generation facilities: Two Spanish technology companies joining their strengths in the quest for a quality product in the...

30. October 2014 | By: NRG Energy, Inc.

NRG Energy celebrates the Spanish Town Estate Solar Development in US Virgin Islands

Unveiling of a new emission-free solar facility for St. Croix that will power approximately 1,500 homes and reduce reliance on imported diesel fuel

30. October 2014 | By: SolarCity Corporation

SolarCity's new ZS Beam solar carport system

SolarCity's new ZS Beam solar carport system makes it faster, cheaper, easier and safer to install solar in parking lots. And it looks a lot better than other systems too.

30. October 2014 | By: abakus solar AG

abakus solar USA Inc. installs 517 kWp project in Puerto Rico

abakus solar USA Inc., a subsidiary company of German abakus solar AG, has successfully completed the EPC turnkey installation of a challenging solar photovoltaic project in Puerto Rico in partnership with Allsolar and Lighting...

30. October 2014 | By: SolarCity

SolarCity's new ZS Beam Solar Carport System makes it faster, cheaper, easier and safer to install solar in parking lots

And it looks a lot better than other systems too.

30. October 2014 | By: OnForce Solar

New York State's first solar landfill complete

OnForce Solar completes construction on large-scale "solar field" for the town of Clarkstown

29. October 2014 | By: Imergy Power Systems

Imergy Power Systems unveils new class of energy storage platform, ESP30 Series with high power capability and energy storage capacity

New ESP30 employs Imergy's exclusive process for using recycled vanadium to lower cost and increase performance of energy storage.

29. October 2014 | By: Heliatek

Heliatek announces largest BIOPV facade installation

Heliatek, the world leading company in the production and commercialization of organic solar film, has announced the largest BIOPV -- Building Integrated OPV -- installation of its kind.

29. October 2014 | By: Renusol

Renusol: East/west solar installations generate around 30% higher yields

Commercial properties in the U.K. benefit from roof-mounted PV systems with east/west orientation.

29. October 2014 | By: World for People

Power Clouds funds second solar plant at World for People School in Zambia

Power Clouds is in the front line in promoting education worldwide by funding a second solar plant that will make World for People School fully independent energy-wise in Zambia. The company is supporting educational projects in...

29. October 2014 | By: AllEarth Renewables

AllEarth Renewables: Solar trackers powering commerce center at former Air Force base

Thirty dual-axis AllSun Trackers are now powering the offices and service buildings for the Loring Development Authority (LDA), site of the former Air Force in the northern Maine town of Limestone.

28. October 2014 | By: Multi-Contact

The evolution of the MC4 connector range

Multi-Contact presents the new MC4-EVO 2.

28. October 2014 | By: PROINSO

PROINSO announces PPA offer for distributed generation projects in India

The finance will be available under PPA model for all projects above 100 KW across India.

28. October 2014 | By: KOSTAL

Secure power supply with the PIKO BA Backup Unit from KOSTAL

KOSTAL Solar Electric ensures a secure power supply even in the event of a power failure with the PIKO BA Backup Unit in connection with the in-house storage solution, the PIKO BA System.

28. October 2014 | By: CSEM

White solar modules: A revolution for building integration

Innovative technology is particularly attractive to the building industry where solar elements can blend into a building's skin and become virtually hidden energy sources.

27. October 2014 | By: EHT

EHT appoints James Kerr as CFO and grants options

Kerr is an accomplished CFO with over 20 years of extensive experience in corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, debt consolidation and corporate finance.

27. October 2014 | By: OPDE

OPDE begins construction of a new 8.9 MWp solar farm in UK

The plant is located near the village of Eastbourne, in East Sussex, England, and is scheduled to be connected by December.

27. October 2014 | By: OneEnergy Renewables

OneEnergy Renewables develops 4.3 MW solar energy system with Constellation for National Aquarium

OneEnergy's purpose built solar program enables innovative electricity supply agreement that supports renewable energy

24. October 2014 | By: Win Win Precision Technology Co. Ltd.

WINAICO launches patented micro-crack preventing HeatCap technology

WINAICO launches patented micro-crack preventing HeatCap technology, and the highest power density 300 W and 230 W mono crystalline PV modules, at PV Taiwan. Conference also sees debut of 280 W, WSP-280M6 all-black module.

23. October 2014 | By: Locus Energy

Locus Energy chosen as solar monitoring provider for Swinerton Renewable Energy

EPC company Swinerton will use Locus Energy's SolarNOC monitoring platform across its solar fleet. Tie-up announced at Solar Power International conference in Las Vegas.

23. October 2014 | By: Photon Energy N.V.

Photon Energy: New 'Inverter Cardio' contracts

Photon Energy is continuously expanding its inverter maintenance portfolio and has added Bulgaria to its list of countries in which it now provides "Inverter Cardio" services.

23. October 2014 | By: Clenrgy

40 MW PV mounting system manufactured by Clenergy for a project in Pakistan

Clenergy recently finished a 40 MW PV mounting order for a flagship 100 MW project at the Quaid-e-Azam Solar Energy Park in Bahawalpur, Pakistan.

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