Canada: 50 skilled solar jobs created


The company says that through the manufacturing of PV inverters in Ontario, it will be creating 50 skilled positions. It will allow its customers investing in commercial and solar farm applications to meet the "minimum required domestic level" requirement by the Ontario government’s feed-in-tariff (FiT) program. With delivery dates as early as this November, the company will begin ramping up production immediately at its Burlington facility.

Further to the direct financial investment, Siemens will be engaging locally based suppliers, by sourcing and purchasing materials such as cabinets, e-houses (buildings used to house electrical components), transformers and wiring. PV Inverters play a significant role when it comes to solar generated electricity. The technology that Siemens Canada is providing takes DC power as input generated from a PV-Module and converts that power into AC power, which is then an output into the grid connections.

“The most comprehensive of its kind, Ontario’s FiT program helps to promote the development of renewable energy, while offering Ontario manufacturers new supply chain opportunities in a growing sector. We welcome Siemens’ investment, which will help Ontario companies meet domestic content requirements, a very important component in developing the solar industry here in the province," said Sandra Pupatello, Ontario’s Minister of Economic Development and Trade.

"Siemens’ goal is to help our customers setup Solar PV installation which meet the requirements of the Ontario government’s recently announced FiT program," concluded Joris Myny, vice president of Siemens Industry Automation and Drive Technologies. "Siemens is committed to expand its green portfolio and this is just another example of our commitment to Canada."