Sanyo to expand European business operations


The company has said it is aiming to achieve a business scale of €800 million in its solar and energy solutions business in Europe by March 2016, providing photovoltaic modules, lithium-ion battery systems and energy management systems that include controllers, as well as a comprehensive maintenance service.

It commented: "Today there is growing demand for clean energy, given the continued advancement of measures to reduce effects on the environment, including the setting of numerical targets for carbon dioxide (CO2) emission reductions in countries around the world. So far, Sanyo has expanded its HITsolar cell business mainly through residential applications in the European market, thanks to the product’s world highest-class energy conversion efficiency and superior temperature co-efficiency characteristics.

"Starting this fiscal year, Sanyo will now develop its energy solutions business in Europe by offering a substantial reduction in running costs and CO2 emissions for facilities such as factories, schools and stores, through its Smart Energy System (SES) ."

The system will optimally control clean energy generated by photovoltaic modules and stored into rechargeable batteries to supply equipment such as air conditioning and lighting with the energy. It can be installed in small-scale applications such as homes, medium-scale applications such as convenience stores, and large-scale applications such as factories to realize a more effective use of clean energy.