pvxchange: half-yearly PV brokerage figures set new record


By the end of June, the company says it has brokered PV modules with a total performance of more than 90 megawatts (MW), thereby exceeding the total trade volume of last year (75 MW).?

In the case of inverters, it says an increase of almost 200 percent compared to the whole last year has been achieved. The fact that around 32 MW of inverters have been brokered shows that the demand on the spot market has considerably increased, it stated.

?“With the help of customer enquiries and goods that have already been brokered and will be delivered in late summer, we can already tell that the boom will last until the end of quarter 3, at least in Germany,” said Kai Malkwitz, CEO of pvXchange GmbH.

??In cooperation with its clients, the company says it is now preparing for a market situation that will “assumedly be changing from the autumn on”. Together with participating manufacturers and sales partners the sector-wide rebate system CashBack for craftman’s businesses in Europe is being set up.?