Wagner & Co Solar Technology expands to North America


Wagner Solar Inc. is the company’s latest expansion after what it has described as a successful history of growth throughout Europe. The new company will provide solar thermal systems tailored to the U.S. market for domestic hot water and space heating applications.

Jörg Gäbler, a German-American citizen has been appointed managing director. He holds a BA from Northeastern University and MSc from the TU Vienna in renewable energy technologies.

“The northeastern United States provide excellent market opportunities for the introduction of advanced solar thermal systems for space heating support – one of the reasons why Wagner & Co Solar Technology chose this region,” said the company.

“High fuel costs, high heating requirements and a favorable installer infrastructure are just a few factors for the decision to start the US division. In addition to offering well-engineered solar system solutions, Wagner Solar Inc. will invest considerable efforts into training and support of solar customers; a decisive factor for building a reliable installer base and a sustainable market in the US.”