Conergy starts construction on second Czech Republic solar park


The solar park will stretch across 33,250 square meters and incorporates 5,534 of the company’s modules, which are attached to SolarLinea mounting systems. Five Conergy IPG 300 power inverters will feed the electricity into the public network. The company says that due to its previous use as a pig farm, the field is currently in a poor state. However, it believes the installation will help to revitalize the area.

"It was particularly important to us to find an economical and ecological solution for the unused brown field," says Miroslav äuba from the local investor MJM Litovel. "In the re-naturalization and additional use of the area as a solar park, we have found this solution."

Ales Spacil Conergy Czech Republic director added: "The new solar park is already the second Conergy project in the Czech Republic within two months. With our new large-scale project, we are building on our success in this important growth region. In May, Conergy began construction of the 1.1-megawatt solar park near Prague."