U.S.: Power Integrations unveils USD$3.6 million solar PV installation in San Jose


The PV installation includes more than 2,500 solar panels covering a 44,448-square-foot parking lot. The company says that it will fully power one of its two buildings, which houses more than 100 employees and the company’s chip-testing operation, as well as all parking-lot lights at the company’s headquarters. The project is expected to cut more than 10,000 tons of greenhouse-gas emissions over the next 25 years, an amount equivalent to the emissions caused by roughly 20 million miles of car travel. In addition, continues the company, the installation’s smart design covers 280 parking spots, providing shade for employees’ cars.

"Power Integrations is a great example of how Silicon Valley companies are embracing clean tech innovation," said City of San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed. "Between the company’s own line of energy-efficient products and its expansive new solar installation, Power Integrations is playing a key role in helping San Jose achieve its Green Vision goals."