Solon SE set to build UK’s first PV solar power plant


Solon’s monocrystalline modules will be used in the plant, which is being built on the three-hectare grounds of a former tin-ore processing plant. The company has said it will undertake the PV build in conjunction with an experienced and locally based installation company. Once construction is complete, it says the solar power plant will generate around 1.25 million kWh of emission-free solar power annually, which is enough to supply 300 households.

"Solon is close to building the first ground-mounted solar power plant in the UK and sounding the starting shot for a market with a very promising future," says Stefan Säuberlich, CEO of Solon SE. The company continued in a statement: "With the "UK Clean Energy Cashback" scheme launched on April 1, the U.K. has created the basis for the nationwide expansion of renewable energy and is promoting the use of PV, i.e., generating electricity directly from solar energy. By offering attractive subsidies without market caps and for 25-year periods, the U.K., which receives just about as much sunlight as Germany in terms of geography, is viewed as market with massive growth potential."

The proposed agreement includes the planning, engineering, procurement and construction, for a turnkey delivery of the power plant to 35 Degrees Ltd. It is the intention of both parties to enter into a long-term collaboration in this growth market in the U.K.

35 Degrees was founded as a project development company this February and is currently planning to install 100 MWp of solar energy over the next five years within the U.K., concentrating in the southwest of England.