US school district set to receive 3 MW of solar installations


According to the companies, each of the 30 schools will use roof mounted solar panels to produce between 40 kilowatts (kW) and 104 kW of electricity per site, while the athletic stadium will produce 90 kW of electricity from a carport shade structure. The project is believed to be the first of its kind in Colorado.

The cost of the project will reach USD$18.3 million, they continued, and it is estimated that the project can save the district USD$5.5 million over a 25 year period. The amount of power to be produced by the 31 sites is expected to total more than three MW. Installation will reportedly take around nine months to complete.

To facilitate project development, the school district has entered into a Power Purchase Agreement with REgeneration Finance who will own and finance the solar electric generating projects to be designed, constructed, operated, and maintained by Premier Power.

John Carson, president, Douglas County School District Board of Education stated: “This project will enable us to save thousands of dollars a year in electrical expenses, while also reducing our environmental impact at no capital and operational cost to the school district.”