Egypt looks to connect first solar power station to grid as country turns to renewable energy to help power shortages


The news comes as the country’s Minister of Electricity and Energy, Hassan Younis, calls on energy companies to halt all maintenance work until the end of the summer season, in order to put all resources into increasing the power output, to solve local shortages. GAFI has said a team of experts will follow up on the performance of generating units and solve any problems that appear during their operation.

In the long run, GAFI stated that the Egyptian government plans to secure the country’s power supply through stronger use of renewable energy. Consequently, it explained that a work force, established by Younis, is preparing to connect a 140 megawatt solar power station to the national electricity network. It has not been said when this is expected to be achieved, however.

Egypt reportedly wants to cover 14 percent of its current energy demand with renewable energies. The Ministry of Electricity and Energy hopes to double this number by 2025.