PV Evolution secures funding for new solar panel reliability and performance Lab in US


The independent testing facility, says PVEL, will include state-of-the-art environmental, mechanical, and electrical stress and characterization systems.

“Reliability testing laboratories can be a financial drain on any solar company,” explains Jenya Meydbray, PVEL co-founder and chief executive officer. “PVEL enables solar panel technology developers to focus on R&D without the need to build and manage complex and expensive in-house reliability testing facilities. Much like the fabless manufacturing model, it provides semiconductor IC designers with a non-competitive supply chain partner, and we are thrilled to offer the industry’s first Labless Solar Development opportunity.”

Rajeev Singh, PVEL co-founder and chief technology officer adds: “With a combination of indoor and outdoor facilities, our customers benefit from our unique comprehensive PV module performance evaluation services. This includes long-term reliability demonstration, mechanical and electrical characterization, and precision energy yield evaluation in our grid-connected solar power plant.”