Germany: 2020 PV roadmap presented


It is intended to serve as the basis for a constructive dialogue between the solar branch and politics, society and the energy industry.

A vision for Germany, nine goals for the branch of the future and 22 measures for collective action form the cornerstone of the roadmap. Günther Cramer, president of the German Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar) presented the strategy, together with representatives of Roland Berger and Frank Peter of Prognos.

“The next years will be decisive for the future of the German PV branch and for realizing change in energy use," commented Cramer. Only with concerted efforts will the PV branch be able to make an essential contribution to conversion to 100 percent renewable energies.

In the study, three elements are defined: (i) PV must make an essential contribution to a transformation in the energy system; (ii) the specific advantages of PV are to be exploited; and (iii) competitiveness has to be retained. Derived from these elements, the nine goals for the 2020 roadmap were formulated.

These include sinking prices by around 50 percent, an installed PV capacity in Germany of between 52 and 70 gigawatts (GWs), as well as the Renewable Energy Law (EEG) PV allocation being limited to two cents for every kilowatt hour.

There are other essential goals contained in the guide; for example, a 12 percent market share for German firms, the construction of around 8.5 GWs of module production in the German domestic market, at least 130,000 jobs created in the industry, and at least five percent expenditure on research and development. It will only then be possible for PV to contribute an economic share of at least €25 billion and become an essential cornerstone of the energy system.

"In our joint study, we have clearly ascertained the performance capacity of PV technology. The matter is now to let the solar industry in Germany fully unfold its potential economic value over the next years," said Torsten Henzelmann from Roland Berger at the presentation of the study.

The roadmap is, according to Cramer, “a milestone in the expansion of photovoltaics.” The study has worked from the premise that the solar promotion through the EEG will be continued and that governments will take up further measures for the support of German measures .

The roadmap was presented as the basis for a constructive dialogue with the political world, society and the energy industry. It will soon be presented to political figures, Cramer said.