Sovello Projects begins first joint Italian installation


At 741 kWp, the first project will be installed across 11,000 square meters on the rooftop of a textile factory owned by the Muccillo Group at the industrial park of Benevento, in the Campania region.

Sovello Projects has assumed the role of general contractor and is responsible for the financial and legal structure of the installation, which upon completion will be transferred to an investor as a turn-key installation connected to the energy grid. German Solar System GmbH – Sovello’s partner for the development and realization of the project – is in charge of installing the solar modules

After connecting the finished installation to the grid and handing it over to the owner, GSS will continue to maintain the solar installation with the help of an integrated system consisting of weather stations, smart control and monitoring software.

Dr. Ted Scheidegger, CEO of Sovello AG commented: “The project was quickly implemented on time and on budget thanks to a professional team effort, consistent planning and last, but not least, due to the high level of experience of these two partners.”