Thailand: Solar Power Co. to install 34 6 MW solar farms


The project is being planned, constructed and managed by Solar Power Co. The power generated will be routed to the Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand, and then supplied to homes and businesses. Overall, it is expected that enough power will be generated on an annual basis to provide electricity for around 170,000 average Thai households.

Kyocera Corporation has agreed to supply the approximately one million solar modules needed for the Solar Farm project. Commenting, Kyocera Corporation vice president and general manager of the Corporate Solar Energy Group, Tatsumi Maeda stated: "Kyocera is honored to be able to contribute to meeting the renewable energy targets of Thailand. We have a proven track record of supplying modules for large-scale solar power plants across the globe, including projects in Spain, Germany and the U.S., and we will deliver a stable supply of high-quality products for the completion of this project."