Germany’s solar branch "begging" for FIT reductions


According to a report in the ‘Financial Times Deutschland’ (Monday edition) Germany’s solar branch has suggested the government should automatically reduce its financial incentives every three months.

Another proposal by the solar branch recommends that if in spring, more photovoltaic (PV) installations have been built than were politically desired, the tariffs should be lowered this summer, and not on January 1, 2012, as is currently laid out in the law.

Public sphere

The high costs of solar tariffs have once again moved into the public sphere. The renewable energy sector is afraid that with a further rapid rise in costs, the entire eco-electricity promotion system will end up in the dump. In addition, the fear is that tariffs could become an issue during the regional elections. "The industry is almost begging for reductions," said a government representative of the FTD.

The German Federal Ministry (Bundesweltministirium) and the solar industry are united in the feeling that PV development must be curbed. However, no one has officially spoken about the renewed solar tariff reductions. But, there is already overall party agreement – even the Greens demanded that the PV tariffs should correlate to market growth. The SPD has compiled its own concept for the adjustment of the tariffs. "If Röttgen doesn’t do anything stupid, we will watch his back," commented SPD vice chairman Ulrich Kelber, according to the report.