Germany: Masdar and Beck complete 6 MW solar park


The park, which was completed and connected to the grid within two months, is comprised of 65 000 Masdar PV modules. Spread across 30 hectares, it is expected to supply around 2,200 four-person households.

"We have created a reference project here for future utility-scale photovoltaic power plants and for our Masdar PV product," commented Frank Wouters, CEO of Masdar PV. He added: "We are convinced that large-scale plants of this type will make an important contribution to the local and regional diversification of the energy mix."

According to Beck Energy, which will reportedly operate under the name Belectric in the future, the two companies will collaborate on other projects. They have also undertaken a number of smaller projects together in Abu Dhabi. "We are confident that we have found a powerful partner in Beck Energy, with whom we can successfully carry out projects in our target markets around the world," added Frank Wouters.