India to implement pilot project in Egypt


The Memorandum of Understanding or MoU was signed during a visit by the Indian Minister of New and Renewable Energy Farooq Abdullah to meet Egypt’s Minister of Electricity and Energy Hassan Younes. The 14-member delegation that visited Egypt with the minister was reported to also consist of top companies in the solar sector in India.The pilot project will be implemented in an Egyptian village and will be funded by both sides.Details have not been released as of yet.

Indian Ambassador to Egypt, R. Swaminathan said that the MoU includes training programmes, local manufacturing of equipment and information exchange, policy formulation and joint research and development.

According to local reports, Abdullah has been quoted as saying "We feel we should help each other, this is an energy that is good for all and it is free from good and it does not have the damaging effect to the environment as the fossil fuel has. And the price of fossil fuels is going up and the demand for energy is increasing."