France: New joint research laboratory for PV polymers


Arkema and CEA, teams from INES (Institut National de l’Energie Solaire), have joined forces in order to improve PV panel technologies. The teams say that with the innovation potential present in polymers, they contribute to the development of PV panels, in particular to protect their components, and increase their performance and lifetime.

In a statement it was said the new joint laboratory, described as the first of its kind, will pool Arkema’s expertise in polymers, polymer films and nanomaterials, with the expertise of the INES CEA teams in design and development processes for innovative PV modules, silicon and thin layers. This cooperation venture will be in place for an initial four year period.

It is hoped that the laboratory will help expand the technological offering of the PV sector in France, as well as its competitiveness in this strategic area.

The news follows an earlier announcement that the country’s government has released a new PV R&D initiative aimed at fighting Chinese competition.