UK adventure park to run on solar power


Developed by Crealy Great Adventure Park MD Rod Pearson and Low Carbon Solar, the aim is to establish the 100 acre attraction as the country’s first to run on solar power.

According to the companies, the £3 million, one megawatt installation would provide enough energy to meet around 90 percent of the park’s needs during the days of peak summer months. It would power everything from catering facilities to the park’s roller coaster, while surplus power would then be fed into the National Grid.

The plan is to install a photovoltaic (PV) rooftop system on the park’s main buildings, and PV-covered carports in the main car park, which would shelter visitors’ cars while generating electricity from the sun.

Commenting, Pearson said: "For Devon’s Crealy Great Adventure Park to become the first attraction to run its operation on solar power is a massive coup which places the South West firmly on the national, and international, map for sustainability projects. Already Crealy uses bio diesel oil for vehicles used on park, water from a borehole and favors local suppliers for our catering and retail outlets. We hope that the local community will be as excited as we are about this development."

Mark Shorrock, chief executive of Low Carbon Solar added: "Crealy is a fantastic example of how we can use car parks and large commercial rooftops to generate clean, renewable electricity that will save money, reduce carbon emissions and help the UK meet its renewable energy targets. This is a groundbreaking project and we intend it to be the first of many."