Solar Rainbow to install 2.3 MW New Jersey rooftop system


Solar Bawabeh, president and co-founder of Solar Rainbow and Kirk Roller, vice president and general manager of CES announced the project, which is expected to use 400,000 square feet of United Solar’s thin film Uni-Solar building integrated laminates.

They say construction will be split into two parts. Phase one will see 1.3 MW of solar installed, while the second phase will comprise an additional one MW. Work on the project is scheduled to begin this spring and is expected to be completed by the summer.

Solar Rainbow adds that it has recently acquired a roofing company, which has been contracted to re-roof and prep the facility for the solar project.

The energy generated from the installation will reportedly create around 1,430 MW hours annually, which is enough to power approximately 250 households.

"The most difficult obstacle to selling a solar system is educating the customer," comments Bawabeh. "Once they realize that they can protect the environment while getting a great return on investment, they begin to move forward. Companies can take advantage of the 100 percent bonus depreciation of the system cost in the first year, as well as, a 30 percent Federal Cash Grant. Additionally, there is also an income stream of SRECS and Electricity savings."