meeco Group to install solar in South America?


The Swiss company states that the rising cost of diesel is a key reason as to why solar has been chosen as the source of electricity. In South America as a whole, it adds, there is increasing demand for electricity from both companies and ranches in remote areas.

Consequently, the Riacho-i S.A. corporation, located in the Chaco region, in the Department of Presidente Hayes, will soon have its first independent, turnkey solar solution.

meeco America Latina director Oliver Jann comments: "Four KWp of solar power and 16 kWh of usable battery capacity are about to be installed. This is enough to generate approximately 6,000 kWh of electricity, sufficient to cover the needs of an entire ranch."

He adds: "A main reason for the growing interest in the region is the increasing price for diesel fuel. Until now, the farm used only gas generators to produce electricity. Due to maintenance costs, spare parts, fuel and its transportation, average costs per year were too high. With the use of our system, these costs can be significantly reduced."

Jan concludes by saying that this project will mainly be built for demonstration purposes, and hints that "more and more similar systems will be installed in the very near future".