California: Low income families to benefit from new solar partnership


Under the terms of the agreement, Yingli Americas will become the official module provider to GRID, a nonprofit solar installer.

Alongside a network of community volunteers and green job trainees, the companies will install the systems throughout this year. According to Yingli, a combination of donated modules and modules purchased at fair market value will be used.

It says that the systems will generate USD$10 million worth of renewable energy over their lifespan, while eliminating 40,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the projects will reportedly provide job training opportunities in PV installation to individuals looking to enter the solar workforce.

"GRID Alternatives is grateful to Yingli for helping us make solar power available to the working families that need the savings the most, while helping build the clean energy workforce of the future. We are also proving that if solar is a viable technology for low-income families, it can work for anyone anywhere," said Erica Mackie, executive director and co-founder of GRID Alternatives.

She added: "We are thrilled to announce this partnership – which is the first of its kind in our organization’s history – and commend Yingli Americas for their vision and dedication to helping disadvantaged communities in the U.S."