Italy: On standby


Communication Officer at GIFI (Italian Photovoltaic Industry Association) Federico Brucciani states that after the meeting of the main stakeholders in the PV sector in Italy last Friday, the PV associations seem to be rather satisfied.

A meeting is being held this week where the solar associations will work out a common proposal. As of now, Brucciani states that only Confindustria has disclosed parts of the proposal. A two gigawatt cap has been proposed from June to December this year. Starting from June, there will be a gradual reduction with the first two months seeing a two percent reduction, followed by five in August and September and more in the following months. This translates to a fall from €323 per megawatt hour to €250.

He adds that in 2012, a two gigawatt annual cap will be implemented according to the proposal. An auction with a minimum floor for PV systems above five megawatts will also come into play. From 2012 to 2013, a 15 percent reduction will be implemented and thereafter bigger reductions in 2014 to 2016. This will then lead the way to an incentiveless 2017.

The meetings to be held this week will shed more light on the fate of the Italian PV industry.