UK farmer's association slams solar cuts


The proposed cuts in solar tariffs for installations above 50 kilowatts will render many farm rooftop schemes uneconomic, and the potential agri-environmental benefits of large solar farms will become a lost cause. The NFU, one of the largest farming associations in the UK, stated that many of the farmers and growers have invested substantial amounts of their own project development money into renewable energy in good faith and these adjustments send an extremely damaging message.

No transitional arrangements have been announced yet for installations already under development. NFU chief advisor Jonathan Scurlock added, "The fast-moving international solar industry will be driven from the shores of Britain, and the government will struggle to decarbonise power generation without the confidence of investors in land-based renewables. The timing could hardly be worse – this is a ghastly strategic mistake."

Furthermore, the Country Land and Business Association has expressed its disappointment. It stated that many of its members had already developed large-scale renewable energy projects that will no longer be eligible for the new adjusted FITs. Mark Shorrock, chief executive of Low Carbon Solar stated that hundreds of solar energy community schemes are now in jeopardy.