Solar Millennium – Claassen dispute heats up


Following a meeting of Millennium’s Supervisory Board on Wednesday, it was decided that an action would be filed with the Landgericht (Regional Court) Nürnberg-Fürth for repayment of the full amount Claassen received upon his appointment. This was done yesterday.

It was announced last March that Claassen had left the German solar company after working there for just 74 days. Following the CEO’s unexpected resignation, a battle between the two parties ensued, which has still not been resolved.

In April 2010, for example, Solar Millennium released a statement saying that it had filed charges against unknown persons following several relevant requests by the media, "who were obviously deliberately provided with misleading and reputation-damaging information". Then in November, Claassen, through his lawyer, stated that he would bring an action to the District Court of Nuremberg-Fürth for payment of €7.1 million euros against Solar Millennium.

In a statement released by the company yesterday, it said: "The Supervisory Board considers the settlement negotiations, which started in May last year, as failed."

Helmut Pflaumer, chairman of the Supervisory Board of Solar Millennium AG added: "Since December we have been going round in circles. We went to great lengths to solve all open issues. In the meantime, our suggestions are no longer receiving any replies. We will now enforce the company’s interests through the courts."

Court hearings docketed for March 29 were postponed once again, following a motion by Claassen. The Landgericht Nürnberg-Fürth now scheduled the hearing for September 9.