SEMI and CPIA release China PV Policy Roadmap


The report has been put together by SEMI PV Group, the SEMI China PV Advisory Committee, and the China PV Industry Alliance (CPIA). The report recommends that, using the IEA Solar PV Roadmap as a benchmark, China should reach a global average PV electricity penetration level of 1.3 percent PV electricity by 2020, and 4.6 percent PV electricity by 2030.

In order for China to achieve these goals, an increase in government support is seen as necessary. 60 gigawatts of installed photovoltaic capacity by the year 2020 and 270 GW by 2030 are needed. The existing PV power consumption in the country is less than one GW. This number is well below Japan, the U.S. and many European countries.

The report presents an overview of China’s energy profile, growing need for energy, the benefits of PV, and the global status of the PV industry. It delineates a PV installation roadmap with clear annual targets up to year 2030. The report also looks at different government incentive models and offers a number of policy recommendations. These recommendations are a follow-up to the China policy paper issued by SEMI PV Group in 2009.