Improved control and stability


The company is presenting a tracker series with improved control and greater stability to a specialist audience at Intersolar. A new construction method has enabled a reduction in the materials used, making the system lighter. Further development has also enabled flexible component insertion in the tracking system, both lengthways and transversely.

To prevent the shading of modules when the sun is low, an integrated control unit aligns the module surface at an optimal angle to the sun. The current sun position is determined by astronomical means. The manufacturer says that, depending on location, backtracking permits electricity yield to be increased to more than 40 percent over a fixed array.

The elevation drive is integrated into the central supporting tube, so the tracker can be swiveled fully east or west without changing its azimuthal direction. This is said to be particularly advantageous in areas near the Equator. The control system has been developed in cooperation with Siemens and can be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world via the internet.