Reactive power requirements


The software is available for download at in German, Italian, English, French, Dutch and Spanish. SysCalc considers the current German requirements for the reactive power behavior of inverters and is completely functional without any internet connection. Almost 4,000 module data and information on all available Mastervolt inverters can be accessed by installers.

This includes the new three-phase Mastervolt products as well. SysCalc is developed for simplified operation and to speed up the selection of the right number of modules, suitable inverters and cable layout. SysCalc also includes the effects of reactive power on transmission losses. Additional functions such as information on the recommended operating voltage and the AC voltage for the selected plant configuration are also featured.

In comparison with solutions from other providers, SysCalc also considers the special characteristics of Mastervolt inverters, such as the particularly low required startup voltage, which leads to higher yields in the mornings and evenings. As the company states, SysCalc optimizes yield of photovoltaic installations and carries out complex calculations.