Intersolar Award: Applause for the deserving??


The nominees, who spoke with pv magazine before the event, stated that they see the awards as a springboard; a push to innovate and a way to strengthen both their brand and their product.

In a way, the awards pave the way for more exposure as well. For smaller companies that seek the recognition on the bigger stage, this is a definite chance to shine, being nominated firstly as some said and secondly being placed on the list with more established names. ?

In the category of ‘Photovoltaics’, Autarcon GmbH, Aluminium Féron GmbH & Co. KG and Belectric Drive GmbH were the companies that made the most waves. Michael Fuhs, editor in chief of photovoltaik, asserted the fact that sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and the contribution to the environment and people are important themes that the industry has to offer. And in this sense, one of the winners, Autarcon was deserving indeed.

pv magazine spoke with Alexander Goldmaier, the CEO of Autarcon who excitedly showed how the company’s product functioned. Nothing fancy, nothing shiny, but something absolutely noteworthy with a massive contribution to mankind. The product, the SuMeWa System deserves nothing but praise. The company aims to achieve new standards in decentralized drinking water treatment with its system that is solar PV driven and battery free.

The system pumps water from depths of up to 70 meters and after filtration, an electrolytic process, provides sustainable disinfection of water. Up to 9,000 liters of water, germ-free, clear and clean can be pumped each day. And, all with the wonder of solar energy. Goldmaier talks about his projects in Brazil, Ghana and the planned one in Pakistan and one can tell that he, along with his company and the system, seek to serve the approximate 900 million people in the world who do not have any access to clean water.

Before the awards, he told pv magazine that he hoped to win and win he did.

Feron also won with its Helio PV backsheets neoX CPC. The unique quality this backsheet offers, as Fuhs stated, is the fact that is fluoro-free and the company offers it with a single layer.

Most backsheets are composed of three layers and, thus, this one layer offer, which has passed the necessary tests and promises the same if not better protection to modules, is something to look out for as well.

The company’s Astrid Feron states that she sees the product as something that can offer the industry a new solution. Not only can a backsheet be created with lesser material than normal, but it can also hold its promises on par with the competition and therefore, they were presented the shiny trophy.?

Belectric also came out tops with its emphasis on mobility. Using the sun to move is not only sustainable, but it cuts back on the amount of carbon monoxide normal vehicles contribute to the atmosphere. And, if we are saving the atmosphere and cutting back on fossil fuels, it is a double win. A tankful of sun, is what Belectric calls it.

Belectric also offers a Drive Portal, which offers operators of charging boxes an efficient management of their infrastructure, including transparent accounting, local load management and intelligent administration of their e-car fleet. With an easy user interface, the company aims to make easy, affordable mobility a possibility for everyone. ?

As for now, it is time to congratulate the winners, shake their hands and spend some time unwinding with them at the pv magazine China launch after the cold, first day of Intersolar. ?

Read more about the other winners in the July edition of pv magazine.