Conergy to build 2 MW plant in Greece


Photovoltaic company Conergy certainly appears to be having a rough time of late, with financial investigators examining its records, the withdrawal of projected earnings and even mother-nature giving CFO, Sebastian Biedenkopf, a hard time.

However, the company continues to install photovoltaic power plants, the latest being its second larger deal in Greece in a matter of weeks.

This latest contract is for a two megawatt (MW) plant over six hectares on a site 200 kilometres west of Thessaloniki. The installation will utilize almost 9,000 Conergy PowerPlus 225P modules.

Conergy hopes construction will be complete in two months and two Conergy CIS central inverter stations will feed the electricity back into the grid. The company will be responsible for the planning, commissioning and maintenance of the solar park.

The announcement comes just two weeks after the installation of a 1.5 MW park was announced in Arta, Greece.

In a statement announcing the deal, Conergy pointed to the turbulent economic times in Greece as presenting significant opportunities for solar, with ongoing, long-term investment sureties.

In the statement investor Aristidis Xanthakis expanded: "We consider this cooperation [with Conergy] as a further step towards a green development of our country and a guarantee for maximum return of our investment as well."