No money upfront SunRun scheme expands to Maryland


San Francisco-based domestic solar lease provider SunRun, has announced its partnership with Greenspring Energy to bring its installation scheme into a new state. Having already installed photovoltaic modules to 11,000 homeowners across eight states, the SunRun scheme works by financing a solar installation for the homeowner and then charging them a monthly fee for their energy usage. SunRun owns, maintains and insures the solar panels.

As utility rates are expected to rise, the solar installations provided under the SunRun team are designed to reduce homeowner’s utility bills.

Greenspring Energy, which has worked with SunRun in Pennsylvania, conducts an inspection as to the homeowner’s energy usage and suitability for solar and then carries out the full installation.

"This new option makes it easier and more affordable than ever before for people in the state of Maryland to take advantage of the financial and environmental benefits associated with going solar," said Paul Wittemann from Greenspring Energy in a statement. The SunRun program is available in Maryland in the utility territories of BGE, PEPCO, Delmarva, SMECO and Allegheny.

SunRun has raised close to $500 million in finance for the scheme.