Rooftop FIT project installed in Ontario: solar developer partners with Cetrosolar in Canada


Approximately 495 Centrosolar E275 solar PV modules are being installed and the project will operate under the Ontario Feed – In – Tariff program and is expected to show a solid return on investment along with providing a renewable supply of electricity (particularly during peak summer demand times).

Founded in 2009, EnviroEn-Inc. is an Ontario Canada based solar energy company that is known for its high standards in the solar industry: first-class technical expertise, product knowledge and commitment to provide clients optimum designs at competitive rates.

With over 35 residential and commercial solar projects completed in North America, EnviroEn-Inc. has become a leading firm specializing in solar photovoltaic (PV) projects, working with its clients to develop clean, renewable and cost-efficient energy solutions, while taking optimal advantage of the incentive-fueled Canadian solar market.

To meet the project’s higher output requirements, maximize generated power and maintain a reliable power level in potentially harsh weather conditions, Centrosolar Canada provided its E275 E-series PV module, all system BOS components and a SATCON inverter that was manufactured in Ontario. The Centrosolar E-Series module consists of 72 polycrystalline high-efficiency silicon cells, allowing higher power output per module, up to 275Wp. The E-Series has been designed to resist the rigorous climatic conditions in North America – including ice, hail, snow, storm, high humidity and intense thermal fluctuation.

"We know from experience that Centrosolar has the proven, reliable products to meet our project requirements," says Harshal Gunde, EnviroEn-Inc. CEO. "They supported the Dubwear project through a complex permitting process and with their expert technical support."