China's largest rooftop solar plant set to be ready by end of year


China is home to a number of large rooftop installations including 5.8 megawatt plant in Jiangsu, for the China Datang Corp, a two MW plant by the Zhenjang Energy Conservation Industry Development and a 6.68 MW built in photovoltaic (BIPV) installation at the Hongqiao Railway Station in Shanghai.

The Gesolar is Phase II oft he Siyang, Jiangsu project and will surpass the 4MW plant built by Gesolar as part of Phase I. This latest plant will be grid connected and Gesolar hopes it will ease local power shortages.

The installation will use Gesolar’s 240W polycrystalline modules and a ten MW flat roof system mountings. Geosolar claims that the technical experience gained through Phase I will mean that the Phase II will be "built better".