Solar consortium to install 3 MW for UK housing association


The consortium, which is trading under the name LCX Solar Ltd., will offer UK housing association, Alliance Homes a full service package for installing the photovoltaic systems, which will reportedly have an average output of 2.5 kilowatts.

Aleo solar will be supplying the photovoltaic modules and inverters needed for the three megawatt project, while LCE will be managing its operational aspects.

According to a statement released, the modules will be installed on 1,200 buildings by the end of December 2011. Furthermore, it has been said that other housing associations will be able to source modules from the consortium.

"The UK government is guaranteeing a feed-in tariff of £0.433 per kWh until April

2012," said the statement. "In the UK, social housing projects are under public or semi-public administration and offer a major potential for the further propagation of photovoltaic technology."