Ukraine: First 20 MW phase of PV project completed


The company, which just last week announced that it had completed 40 MW of an 80 MW photovoltaic park in the country, declined to say how big this new installation will eventually be.

All that is known of the Perovo project is that it is located in Crimea, near the village of Perovo, and that the 20 MW represents the first phase in a "multi-phased ‘mega-project’".

A spokesperson additionally told pv magazine that equipment suppliers to the project are tier one companies, mainly from Germany and Asia, and that the over 88,000 photovoltaic modules used are polycrystalline.

Commenting, Kaveh Ertefai, Activ Solar CEO added, "The Perovo project is further evidence of Activ Solar’s significant commitment to the development of the solar PV industry in Ukraine.

"Our projects continue to transform undeveloped and non-arable areas in the Crimea, giving them productive and sustainable purpose."

In a statement, the company added that, to date, it is the largest single-row photovoltaic system installed in the region.