Germany: PV generation overtakes hydropower for the first time


According to initial estimates by the German Energy and Water Association (BDEW), renewable energy accounted for 53.7 billion kilowatt hours, or 28 percent of Germany’s electricity demand in the first six months of the year.

This is in comparison to the first half of 2010, where renewable energy produced 50.4 billion kilowatt hours, or 18.3 percent.

As before, wind generated the most energy, having contributed 7.5 percent to the renewable total (2010: 6.6 percent). Photovoltaics, however, ranked second for the first time, having delivered 3.5 percent of electricity to the grid (2010: two percent). Hydropower, meanwhile, came in third, at 3.3 percent (2010: 3.6 percent).

Remaining unchanged from last year, refuse-fuelled power stations and other renewables accounted for 0.8 percent of electricity generation in the first half of 2011.