Applied Materials presents 2 new PV products


The Applied Materials Baccini Esatto Selective Emitter Solution incorporates a high-precision imaging system, custom screens, and optimized dopant paste technology to reportedly provide a rapid, low-risk approach for fabricating selective emitters structures capable of raising absolute crystalline silicon cell efficiencies by more than 0.5 percent.

The key differentiation of the product is that it includes precision alignment capability, advanced process control, enhanced pastes and optimized screens.

The second product is the HCT Structured Wire Technology which is a new, high strength wire capability for the Applied HCT Squarer, which prepares silicon ingots to be cut into PV wafers.

The new structured wire technology, which can be used for sawing applications increases cutting speed by 70 percent, according to Applied Materials, thus resulting in a 30-percent reduction in total system cost-of-ownership. The technology is patented.