IMA Automation presents Modustringer


The significantly evolved model of the Modustringer series is shorter by a third and priced lower according to the company. The new Modustringer sets new standards by featuring a single-track throughput of 1,200 cells per hour almost doubling prevailing numbers as the company states.

The shorter system variant integrated electroluminescence inspection stage for incoming cells. This significantly reduces the complexity of its transport logistics yet keeps in place all subsequent basic process steps. Incoming cells continue to be checked with regards to outbreaks and fissures.

The Modustringer allows for versatile modular configuration of many customer-friendly special solutions due to the functional separation of ribbon and cell preparation.

The machine also has a new flux station with piezo-based valves. A significant aspect is the in-line ribbon preparation, which is carried out in parallel.

According to the company, with the machine’s future-proof modular concept and customer-oriented versatility, the modus-stringer platform is suited for all standard cell soldering (at module lengths up 2.4 meters) work, as well as advanced adhesives (hot melt) processing.