Montech presents new wafer solutions


The company will be showing the vacuum conveyor, designed to carry several wafers simultaneously, running at a speed that allows handling of more than 4,000 wafers per hour.

The vacuum conveyor, which can also be installed as a overhead conveyor, can carry parts from many to one track and from one to many, thus creating a fully "chaotic" operation consistently with Montech‘s Chaos Technology. The belt conveyors with integrated drive for the solar industry will also be offered at the EU PVSEC.

By integrating the motor into the construction of belt conveyors for the solar industry, Montech says it has solved the problem of space on systems with external motors.

In solar conveyors and vacuum conveyors, drive and motor are both integrated in the table stand of the belt conveyor. For the smooth transport of thin film solar modules and panels between different processing stations, Montech offers a conveyor with two, three or four lanes with belts or toothed belts.

The conveyor is available with three different drives with spur gear motor and accurately defined acceleration and braking ramps.