Day4's cell technology to be manufactured in Taiwan


The Taiwanese photovoltaic cell provider will reportedly launch new cell designs in the coming months.

The manufacturing process will combine Day4’s DNA cells with its stay-powerful technology, which interconnects the cells and collects their generated power. The stay-powerful technology, says Day4, replaces the traditional solar cell soldering process.

The company declined to disclose how much the agreement is worth. However, George Rubin, president of Day4 Energy did tell pv magazine that the first set of equipment has already been installed at Ever Energy. "Equipment is currently going through a ramp-up process," he said. "Once fully commissioned, Ever Energy will be in position to manufacture Day4 DNA solar cells."

"By implementing Day4 Energy’s state-of-the-art cell manufacturing processes and stay-powerful Technology, we can provide a differentiated product and significant competitive edge for module manufacturers wanting to produce a truly differentiated product," commented J.J. Lee, president of Ever Energy.

"Our next generation solar cells will maximize customer value, offering high quality technology over traditional solar PV cells for our customers to stand out in an increasingly competitive market."