Enbridge completes 2 Ontario PV projects


The five megawatt (MW) Tilbury project is comprised of 82,500 First Solar thin film photovoltaic panels. Covering an area of 150 acres, it is expected to generate seven million kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy annually.

Meanwhile, Enbridge’s second project, the 15 MW Amherstburg II project was built using 244,000 panels. Split across two systems – one five MW and the other 10 – it covers an area of 154 acres. According to a statement released, it will generate 23 million kWh of energy annually.

Overall, the two photovoltaic projects cost $90 million.

To celebrate the completion of both projects, Enbridge announced two $10,000 donations: one to the Chatham-Kent Fire Department and the other to the Amherstburg Fire Department.

"When Enbridge becomes a member of a community, we commit to being a full and contributing member," commented Don Thompson, Enbridge VP of Green Energy. "We continue to look forward to long and mutually beneficial relationships with the residents and businesses of both Tilbury and Amherstburg."