JinkoSolar completes phase one safety upgrade


Manufacturing had been temporarily suspended amidst claims that local waterways had been polluted by leaks from JinkoSolar’s waste storage facilities.

The company has admitted that fluoride had leaked from the facilities, which are in the Zhejiang Province, into nearby waterways due to, "unforeseen extreme weather conditions." JinkoSolar claims that the fluoride that did leak would’ve become diluted shortly after the spill.

Fluoride poisoning can cause vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes fever and has caused deaths in the past.

As a part of the safety upgrade, JinkoSolar and the Chinese Environmental Agency inspected the company’s temporary waste storage unit. JinkoSolar now claims to have taken, "necessary steps to establish appropriate protocols and prevention plans for extreme weather conditions and now imposes regulations than are stricter than the industry standard."